Budgets and Cash flow

Budgets and Cash flow

I am excited to announce that I am currently developing a new program aimed at guiding IT professionals who are considering making the leap into contracting. As many of you may know, the world of contracting can be complex and intimidating, and it can be challenging to know where to start. My new program aims to simplify the process and help IT professionals make informed decisions about whether contracting is the right path for them.

Through the program, I will be providing valuable insights and practical advice on everything from setting up a contracting business to negotiating contracts and managing finances. Additionally, I will be sharing my own experiences as a contractor and providing real-world examples of what it takes to succeed in this dynamic and rewarding field.

As a UK contractor, you know that cash-flow is the lifeblood of your household and your business. Without a steady stream of cash coming in, it’s impossible to pay your bills, meet your obligations, and invest in the future. Read more

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