A journey through career paths: From Permie to Business Owner to Contracting

This article is a personal account of my journey, highlighting the transition from being a permie (permanent employee) to a business owner and eventually becoming a contractor.

The Permie Experience

Starting as a permie is a common pathway in the working world. A permanent employee enjoys job security, employee benefits, and often a stable routine. I, too, began my career as a permie, relishing the stability and predictability that came with it. This stage provided invaluable lessons in teamwork, office culture, and the foundational skills required for my profession.

Becoming a Business Owner

However, the entrepreneurial spirit within me yearned for more. I decided to embark on a new adventure and transitioned to the role of a business owner. Running a business can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s also fraught with challenges. The initial stages were marked by enthusiasm and optimism, but soon, the harsh realities of entrepreneurship became evident.

The Business Loss and the Pivot to Contracting

One major setback was the financial loss my business incurred. Faced with a looming financial crisis, I had to make a tough decision. To cover the losses and regain my financial stability, I ventured into the world of contracting. This transition was a pivotal moment in my career journey. Contracting offered a way to earn more money and recover from the business loss, but it also presented a new set of challenges.

The Contracting Experience

Contracting is a different beast altogether. It provides flexibility and a chance to work on various projects for different clients, but it also comes with uncertainties like job security and benefits. This phase taught me the importance of networking, negotiation, and financial management. It was during this time that I honed my skills, built a solid reputation, and gained a deeper understanding of the industry.

The Perm-to-Contract Loop

Due to the losses incurred by my time as a business owner, I went contracting for a while. The losses were still growing, despite my efforts to pay the interest and capital. As I couldn’t remain as a director of my contracting business, I found a perm job. This freed me to take the bitter bankruptcy pill.

Back to Contracting: A New Beginning

Returning to contracting was a decision influenced by the desire to regain control of my career and financial stability. By now, I had gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, allowing me to be a more competitive contractor. My journey had come full circle.

This career journey, from permie to business owner to contracting and back again, has given me a unique perspective on the world of work. I’ve experienced the security and insecurity of permanent employment, the excitement and challenges of entrepreneurship, and the flexibility of contracting. I’ve seen both the highs and lows, from financial success to bankruptcy. Contracting, in my opinion has given me the most autonomy and sense of purpose.

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