From redundancy to resilience: my journey in the world of IT, part 2

After my rollercoaster ride from permie to redundancy and back, I thought I had found safe harbor working for the internal IT department of a building company. Little did I know that another twist in my career was just around the corner.

It was October, and as the year drew to a close, thoughts of Christmas were on everyone’s mind. The holiday season was approaching, and amidst the festive anticipation, the company’s leadership dropped a bombshell: the IT department was going to be outsourced. For me, it was a chilling déjà vu.

My initial reaction was one of surprise and disbelief. Having experienced redundancy once due to the setup of an internal IT department, I had assumed that working in a similar environment would offer some semblance of job security. But as the announcement settled in, it became clear that this assumption was far from reality.

However, there was a glimmer of hope amid the uncertainty. The bosses assured us that we would be subject to a Tupe (Transfer of Undertakings) process. This meant that we, the IT department staff, would be transferred to an external IT consultancy. In theory, our jobs would remain intact, albeit under a different employer. But as I contemplated the impending change, a nagging thought crept into my mind—what would the IT consultancy’s HR team do with this influx of new staff?

As December rolled around and the holiday spirit enveloped us, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of impending doom. I started preparing myself for the possibility of redundancy once more. It was the year 2000, and the infamous Y2K bug, which had loomed large over the IT world, had been successfully averted. However, the job market was flooded with contractors seeking work, not too dissimilar to the challenges faced in the IT job market today.

January arrived, and with it came the harsh reality I had feared. My colleagues, who may have overspent on their credit cards during the festive season, were given the news: “We don’t need you, your jobs are at risk.” It was a haunting echo of the past, and I found myself in familiar, yet unwelcome territory.

The waiting game began, as I had to endure six long months of uncertainty. But resilience and determination were my constant companions. I knew that in the world of IT, adaptation was key, and I couldn’t let redundancy deter me from my passion and career aspirations.

Finally, the break I had been waiting for arrived. After months of uncertainty, I secured a contract position. It was a testament to my willingness to weather the storms of change in the IT industry and my unwavering commitment to personal growth and development.

As I look back on this chapter of my career, I see a pattern of ups and downs, challenges and opportunities. The world of IT is marked by its ever-evolving nature, and each twist in the journey has taught me resilience, adaptability, and the importance of staying prepared for the unexpected.

Now, in a world not too dissimilar from the one I faced in 2000, with the IT job market still dynamic and competitive, I carry the lessons from my past experiences with me. While the future may hold its own set of surprises, I know that with the right mindset and determination, I can navigate any IT landscape that comes my way. My journey continues, marked by uncertainty but defined by resilience.

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