Thinking about a change? Let’s talk IT Contracting!

Ever catch yourself daydreaming about having more control over your work life but without the headache of being the big boss? I’ve got something on my radar that might just be your ticket to happiness: IT contracting.

Why IT Contracting, you ask?

  1. Call the shots on your schedule: Freedom feels good, right?
  2. Switch things up with diverse projects: Boredom, be gone! IT contracting means diving into different projects and working with all sorts of interesting folks.
  3. Always learning something new: Stay on top of the tech game. Every project is a chance to pick up new skills and stay ahead of the curve.
  4. Cash in your pocket: Negotiate your rates and enjoy some sweet tax advantages.
  5. Balancing act for a happier you: Flexibility is key for that work-life sweet spot. So you have time for what matters most to you.
  6. Work on what inspires you most Choose projects that actually interest you. It’s like getting paid to do your favorite hobby.

So, what’s next?

  1. Check out the scene: Depends on what type of contract work you want. Upwork and Freelancer are very American, and more piecework. If you like longer contracts, 3-12 months, then linkedin, jobserve, monster, recruitment agencies are the place to be.
  2. Pick the brain of a pro: Connect with fellow IT contractors, like me 😉 We’ve got the scoop on the real deal.
  3. Know your strengths: Figure out your sweet spot skills-wise. That way, you’re on the lookout for projects that match.

Ready to take the reins and be the master of your career destiny? Take my quiz to get started!

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