Get started as a Contractor the right way

Looking to make the leap into contracting? Having the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss is appealing, but getting started on the right foot is crucial. Many independent contractors find the transition challenging without proper guidance.

That’s why securing a mentor who has been through the process can help tremendously. A mentor provides invaluable insights, advice, and support to avoid common pitfalls new contractors face. With their experienced perspective, you’ll learn how to:

  • Properly establish your business entity
  • Manage taxes, accounting, and legal compliance
  • Negotiate favorable contract terms
  • Build your professional network and land clients
  • Set your pricing and get paid on time
  • And much more

Going it completely alone leaves you at risk of costly mistakes. But having an experienced contractor as a mentor significantly increases your chances of success.

Did you know I offer a comprehensive online course that partners you with a mentor? My “3cs” program provides all the training, templates, and mentor access you need to start contracting with confidence. Enroll here today and let me guide you through launching your contracting career the right way.

Interested in learning more? Let me know in the comments, or send a message and I’ll send over course details and pricing.

Don’t fly blind when making the transition to contracting. Get an experienced mentor in your corner by taking my course.

To your contracting success

Neil Millard

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