Fun facts about contracting

Get ready to level up your contracting game with some insightful nuggets.

Did You Know?

The term “contractor” has its origins in the Latin word “contrahere,” which means “to draw together.” Fitting, isn’t it, for a profession that brings together diverse skills and projects?

Contracting became popular during World War II when the U.S. government hired skilled workers on temporary contracts to support the war effort. Who knew coding could be so patriotic?

According to a recent survey, the average IT contractor juggles around 4 different projects per year. Talk about a professional plate spinner!

The earliest recorded use of the term “freelancer” dates back to 1819, referring to a “medieval mercenary warrior.” Coding warriors, assemble!

Fun Fact Frenzy! ⭐

In Scandinavia, there’s a popular term for contractors: “hipsters.” Who knew stylish coders were trendsetters?

The world’s first computer programmer was a woman named Ada Lovelace. Girl power in tech has been around since the 1800s!

Contractors in Japan are affectionately called “ritoren,” which literally translates to “ritual employees.” Sounds like a sacred coding ritual!

A study found that contractors are more likely to name their laptops than permanent employees.

What is your laptop/machine called?

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