The freedom of IT Contracting: Choosing projects you love

As a contractor in the IT field, one of the biggest advantages you have is the ability to be selective about the projects you take on. Unlike being a permanent employee at a single company, IT contracting gives you the flexibility to evaluate potential gigs and decide which ones truly excite you.

No more being pigeon-holed as a full-time employee, you may find yourself getting slotted into a very specific role or type of project, even if it’s not what really motivates you. But as a contractor, you can actively seek out contracts that allow you to grow your skills in new areas or double down on the technologies you’re most passionate about. Want to dive deeper into cloud architecture? Look for gigs at companies making the shift to AWS or Azure. Been yearning to try your hand at data engineering? There are bound to be opportunities to get hands-on with tools like Kafka, Spark and Hadoop.

Pursue your interests maybe you thrive on working with cutting-edge languages and frameworks like Python, Go, and Java. Or perhaps you get a real kick out of blockchain development and decentralised apps. As a contractor, you can be highly selective, doing your research to find projects and companies that give you a chance to pursue the techs that you find genuinely interesting and invigorating.

Variety is the spice of life of course, one of the potentially best parts of being an IT contractor is the sheer variety you get to experience. Rather than being tied to the same decades-old legacy systems year after year, you can constantly be diving into new code bases, new stacks, and new problems to solve. For those who crave constant learning and new challenges, this variety is incredibly appealing and motivating.

So if you’re feeling stuck or pigeon-holed in your current role, consider making the leap to IT contracting. You’ll open up a whole new world of opportunities to work with the technologies, companies, and projects that you find truly fulfilling. The freedom to choose your path is one of the greatest benefits this lifestyle provides.

Are you ready?

Neil Millard

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