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We provide services to IT Professionals.

As a contractor, you deliver your services to your clients via the Contract. At the end of the billing period, you are responsible for delivering an invoice, so the customer can reward your efforts and maintain your Cash-Flow. If you run a limited company, ( vs an umbrella arrangement), you are also responsible for recording your transactions (accounting) and reporting your personal and corporate tax liability, Compliance.

This can be information overload for new contractors, so I run an interactive course called The 3Cs of Contracting.

Whilst you are responsible for Cash-Flow and Compliance, we can deliver them for you. Self Assessment, VAT, PAYE, and End of Year Accounts, done for you and in plenty of time before the deadlines. We hate being in the dark about our business, so the reports and figures are made available ASAP. This often means within 3 months of the Year end, and within 2 weeks for VAT.